Last December 12 and in anticipation of events, the Falkland Islands Fisheries Association released the following statement:

“The agreement announced excludes any consideration of exports from The Falkland Islands to the EU.

”Accordingly from 1 January 2021 our seafood products entering the EU will be subject to the Common External Tariff, of between six and eighteen percent.

“There may also be other operational implications for the sector.

”The impacts will be felt across the industry immediately and will have an instant impact on the overall profitability of all Falkland Islands Fishing Companies.

“It is disappointing and concerning that the UK Government was unable to protect our position in the negotiations, despite the huge effort made over several years by The Falkland Islands Government, and the support of many politicians in Westminster and Brussels.

”We are committed to working with The Falkland Islands Government to urgently seek a way forward with the objective of achieving the removal of the tariffs imposed at the earliest opportunity, and we look forward to hearing from our government what actions they will be taking to mitigate the impact of this situation on the future prosperity of our industry”.

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