MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — New details were released Thursday about the police officers who recently shot and killed a man in south Minneapolis.

Dolal Idd died in an apparent shootout on Dec. 30 after police say they tried to stop him as part of a weapons investigation. Police released body camera footage of the deadly shooting the next day, saying Idd shot at them first.

Dolal Idd (credit: CBS)

Late Thursday afternoon, the department released the personnel files of the three officers who shot Idd: Paul Huynh, Darcy Klund and Jason Schmitt. They contain records of complaints, their certifications and several letters of commendation.

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Hours after Idd was killed, Hennepin County Sheriff’s deputies served a high-risk warrant at his family’s home in Eden Prairie, which sparked outrage after family members reported that deputies restrained them as they searched the home for weapons — none of which were found – and only informed them of Idd’s death after the search.

Sheriff Dave Hutchinson later released body camera footage of the search and defended his department’s actions, saying it was protocol considering the nature of Idd’s suspected gun-related crimes, and the fact that one of his siblings is in custody for a gun-related homicide.

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