The Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) posted a 21-percent increase in cases acted upon in 2020 despite the limitations brought about by the pandemic.

Agnes VST Devanadera, chairman and chief executive of ERC, said the regulatory body registered a total of 748 cases acted upon last year, a 21-percent increase from 617 cases in 2019.

“ERC’s ability to quickly adapt to the new normal proves its resiliency and determination to fulfill its mandate that even this pandemic did not get in the way. We owe it to every taxpayer that we should perform our duties in spite of the challenges caused by the pandemic, the community quarantine implemented, and the limitations of the alternative work arrangement imposed by the government,” she said.

Devanadera added that the commission also registered increases in the number of orders, decisions, resolutions, notices, and certificates of approval or authority.

The ERC has been conducting hearings and conferences through virtual platforms to complete legal proceeding since mid last year to continue its function despite the pandemic.

Devanadera added that the ERC also implemented rate reduction schemes to respond and provide relief to consumers, such as the reduction in the system loss cap, cuts in feed-in-tariff allowance and the refund of over recoveries of distribution utilities, among others.

“We were surprised and happy to note that this pandemic even provided us the opportunity to optimize the use of digital technologies to continuously perform and deliver our mandate. As a result, we even surpassed our 2019 accomplishments without sacrificing the health and safety of electric power stakeholders and that of our employees,” she said.


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