The restrictions imposed in Latvia because of the spread of Covid-19 and the curfew on weekends will remain in force until 25 January, as decided by the Cabinet of Minister.

The curfew will be in place between 15th and 17th of January, as well as 22nd and 24th of January. During the curfew residents will not be allowed to go outside from 22:00 to 05:00.

Beauty, piercing and tattoo services will remain prohibited in the next two weeks. The same applies to rent of sports inventory indoors and photo ops (except for documents), as well as face-to-face services related to entertainment and leisure.

This restriction will not apply to nature trails if movement there is organised one-way only and participants maintain 2 m safe distance from one another.

The government decided to open up libraries from 12 January onward so that it is possible to start let residents take books home. It will be allowed to go outdoor museum expositions. Other culture locations and services will remain accessible only remotely.

The government also supported Economy Ministry’s proposal to continue providing support for businessmen. This includes payment of idle period benefits, wage subsidies and financing for turnover funds.

To limit the spread of Covid-19 in the country, the government in Latvia decided to declare a state of emergency along with a number of restrictions on 9 November. The state of emergency will last until 7 February.


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