A crew member of a container ship passed away as the vessel was diverting to Bermuda with an aim to get him to the island for medical treatment.

A Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre spokesperson said, “Monday 4th January, 7:30 pm – RCC Bermuda was called via telephone by a land-based company representative for the Liberian Registered, 40,085GRT Container Ship MSC Jessenia R. advising the ship was diverting to Bermuda form a position 290 miles south due to a 51-year-old Indian national crew member suffering from a medical emergency.

“The vessel was on passage from South Africa bound for New York and intended to arrive offshore at Bermuda late Tuesday morning to transfer the patient.

“Following further consultation with the shipping company, and the U.S. Coast Guard Flight Surgeon, it was established that the patient’s condition was deteriorating and sadly the crew member passed away while the ship was on route to Bermuda.

“The vessel subsequently continued her passage to New York to repatriate the deceased seafarer.”


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