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The advice on nappies is in a section on personal protective equipment in new guidelines for airlines.

The regulator said the recommendation applied to charter flights to high-risk Covid-19 destinations.

Globally, airlines and airports have been making big changes to how they operate to get passengers flying again.

How safe is it to get on a plane? How will airlines get flying again?

The Civil Aviation Administration of China laid out its advice in a new 49-page set of guidelines for airlines to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

The recommendation on nappies applies to charter flights to and from places where infections exceed 500 in every one million people.

It comes on top of the advice for cabin crew to wear medical masks, disposable gloves, caps, goggles, disposable protective clothing and shoe coverings.

Flight crew are also advised to wear a range of protective gear, but not nappies.

The global aviation industry has been struggling to rebound from the pandemic’s debilitating impact on travel.

New measures being put in place for flights differ by country. Some require airlines to leave at least one seat empty between passengers, others have made masks mandatory for the duration of flights.

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