A total of 35 positive confirmed patients are found in Twitan Village, Tiddim Township, Chin State as COVID-19 local transmission rate is increased in Tiddim, Chin State, sources said.

“The situation in Twitan is worse and the authorities placed a lockdown on the village. The Chin State government provided rice for Twitan and a truck for use. When the authorities took a swab test on an old man who died yesterday, he tested COVID-19 positive. The authorities imposed restrictions partially in Tiddim. The situation in Twitan is now stable and new cases of positive confirmed patients have declined for two weeks,” said Pauk Lun Min Thang, Social Affairs Minister for the state.

A total of 277 confirmed patients are found till now since Tiddim found its first confirmed patient and up to three people have died, according to the public health and treatment department for the state.

“Two old people from Tiddim died with COVID-19 and some streets in Tiddim are placed on lockdown. The number of confirmed patients is increased day by day. I think only “Stay at home” order can control the situation in Tiddim. People need to follow the instructions from the Ministry of Health and Sports to prevent the spread,” said Mone Noe, a volunteer from Tiddim.

The “Stay at home” order is not imposed in Tiddim yet and it is still under observation.

“There are 35 positive confirmed patients and one death in Twitan. A total of 82 people are kept in home and facility quarantines. We don’t have many difficulties as there are donors who provided food. Chin State government and donors from Kalay came to donate food today,” said Zen Shan Lyan, Administrator of Twitan Village.


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