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But one Malaysian duo has managed to dodge restrictions which would have limited the guest list to 20 and welcomed a reported 10,000 people to their nuptials, all in a Covid-secure manner.

Can’t be done, you might say.

But it can, if you make your wedding a drive-thru event.

On Sunday morning, the newly-weds were seated outside a grand government building in Putrajaya, south of the capital Kuala Lumpur, while guests slowly drove past in their cars.

The windows had to remain rolled up and guests only got a socially distant wave from the wedding party.

It may not sound like your everyday wedding, but then, groom Tengku Muhammed Hafiz and bride Oceane Alagia are not exactly your everyday couple.

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Oceane Alagia (@oceanealagia)

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Oceane Alagia (@oceanealagia)

View this post on Instagram

The husband is the son of influential politician and former cabinet minister Tengku Adnan – who also happened to be celebrating his birthday on Sunday.

“I am informed that there are more than 10,000 cars here since this morning,” the proud father wrote on Facebook, sharing pictures of the event.

“Me and my family are very honoured. Thank you all for understanding and adhering to all procedures made by drive-thru attendance without getting out of the car.”


It took about three hours until all 10,000 attendees had passed by.

However, they did get more than just a wave from the happy couple as thanks for joining the slow moving traffic queue.

Sticking with the social distancing rules, the guests were treated to a dinner – although they had to pick up their pre-packed food through their car window and drive on, according to Malaysian media.

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The celebration came a day before the groom’s politician father was found guilty in a $500,000 (£370,000) corruption case and sentenced to a fine and 12 months in prison.

Malaysia is currently battling a new wave of Covid-19 cases. Overall, the country has had nearly 92,000 confirmed coronavirus cases and more than 430 deaths have been linked to the pandemic.

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