TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – The Indonesian Retailers Association (Aprindo) chairperson Roy Nicholas Mandey asked the government to hand out subsidies for workers paid at the regional minimum wage (UMR) in modern retails and malls ahead of the enforcement of the community activity restrictions (PPKM).

“This could be a momentum for the government to distribute direct cash aid for workers in modern retail stores and malls that are paid at a minimum wage,” said the Aprindo chairperson on Friday. “This can prevent potential bankruptcy facing retailers and malls.”

Throughout 2020, Aprindo said shopping malls had suffered the negative effects of the pandemic due to the economic contraction of -12 percent which led to numerous layoffs as retailers were not able to cover operational costs. 

Apart from government stimulus for workers, Roy hoped that the government will also provide the industry with sustainable fiscal and monetary stimulus for significant business owners. He argued that there has yet been any technical guide from 15 banks appointed to distribute the national economic recovery funds for private-owned corporations. 

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