Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt says a final timeframe for the rollout of a coronavirus vaccine in Australia has now been “settled,” with the vaccination program to begin in mid-to-late February. Mr Hunt told Sky News host Chris Smith the vaccination program is then set to “ramp up” during the course of March. He said in Australia “we’ve always been working on a cautious basis”. “Making sure that firstly we were protecting the safety of Australians, but secondly, we were maintaining confidence by meeting and beating all of our deadlines,” he said. Mr Hunt said Australians will be “heartened to know” the most rigorous safety structures, testing and assessment processes in the world have taken place. “That gives confidence, and that means a higher take up, and a higher take up means better coverage, better protection for Australia”. Mr Hunt said the “goal” is to get the highest possible number of Australians to get the vaccine. “We’re going to try and get as high a number as possible”.


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