The President of the Republic Francisco Sagasti on Wednesday affirmed that his administration has taken a momentous step to defeat the coronavirus pandemic, by completing the purchase of the first batch of a long-awaited vaccine to start the immunization process for the sake of the Peruvian population. “The first million doses from Sinopharm will arrive this month, and we will begin to vaccinate our citizens, prioritizing the most vulnerable ones,” he wrote on Twitter. The Head of State added that his administration continues working intensely to provide solutions and results to Peruvian men and women. “We are a government that sets clear, concrete, and viable goals,” he concluded. Earlier today, the top official announced the purchase of a first batch of 38 million doses from the Chinese laboratory Sinopharm. Likewise, the statesman reported that a purchase agreement has been signed with AstraZeneca, which will deliver 14 million doses starting September, although steps are being taken to advance the shipments. The President also indicated that the Peruvian Government formed a working group to support the implementation of the vaccination process against coronavirus (COVID-19), which is led by Prime Minister Violeta Bermudez. Hoy hemos dado un primer paso trascendental para vencer a la #COVID–19 al concretar la compra del primer lote de la esperada vacuna. El primer millón de dosis de Sinopharm llegará este mes y empezaremos a vacunar a nuestros ciudadanos, priorizando a los más vulnerables. (1/2) — Francisco Sagasti (@FSagasti) January 6, 2021 Seguimos trabajando intensamente para dar soluciones y resultados a todos los peruanos y peruanas. Somos un Gobierno que se fija metas claras, concretas y viables. (2/2) — Francisco Sagasti (@FSagasti) January 6, 2021 (END) MVB


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