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McKINNEY, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) – At least North Texas mayor says cities aren’t getting the crucial information residents need about the COVID-19 vaccine so he’s doing something about it.

McKinney Mayor George Fuller says he feels the vaccine rollout isn’t going as planned or promised.

He told CBS 11 Monday, Jan. 4, he’s frustrated and wants to know why more does of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines haven’t found their way here a nearly month after being approved.

Mayor Fuller said too many of his residents are still in the dark about what they should be doing to get vaccinated, especially those who are most vulnerable.

That’s one reason why he arranged a meeting Monday with local school and health leaders to come up with a mass community vaccination plan.

Mayor Fuller said there will soon be a new online portal that residents can go to for information and to fill out paperwork, find out where they are on the priority list, and get directions to when and where vaccines are available.

He said cities were promised that private pharmacies and medical clinics to take the lead on informing the public, much like a seasonal flu vaccine rollout, but says that’s not happening.

He said it may be because the number of doses coming in is far less than expected.

“The Collin County Health Department, I learned this morning that they have received only 1,000 doses. They were to be receiving that on a weekly basis. We are now at week 4 heading to week 5 and they’ve only received one batch of a thousand doses,” said Mayor Fuller. “I know that we need to be prepared for when those doses do arrive, when the vaccines do arrive and as a city right now, quite frankly, I’m not confident in the procedures that have been set up.”

The Mayor says the city’s vaccine portal will be up and running in a matter of days.

He said he has reached out to Collin County and other surrounding cities to join if they are interested.


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