YOU MUST BE KIDDING. So you all really think that vaccines are the only way to keep our elders safe. I am eighty years old and have NO DESIRE TO PUT POISONS INTO MY SYSTEM. I am doing very well B’H thank you without any vaccines. I am first of all happy and working on my emunah. Then I take Vitamins C and D daily along with zinc. I also keep a bottle of HCQ pills in the house – just in case. Why are you not making sure that the elderly have all of these resources at hand? They enhance our immune systems which do not do well when you and our Israeli media provide us only with a daily dose of FEAR.

How is it that the majority of those who have died have been the elderly? What are we not being told? Perhaps it is because they are being vaccinated against the flu and other things which have destroyed their immune systems so that they can no longer fight off viruses. Ask Dr. Shoenfeld. He’s in Tel Aviv.

And if we already have a way to protect ourselves why are you not helping us to do that?

An amazing Jewish doctor in the US has tried to wake up the Israeli government but you don’t hear him or listen. But there are those of us who do. We also listen to others who have had experience in curing those who have had covid without using poison.

It would be better if you want the elderly to continue to live, then work with us to enhance our own immune systems. This would provide everyone with the ability to enhance their own bodily resources allowing us to fight off infection and viruses on our own. NO NEED FOR VACCINATIONS. Or as some suspect, are you just trying to kill us all off? Or enrich Big Pharma? Questions that need to be answered.

Ask Dr Zev Zelenko or other American doctors who have been banned from public media for telling the truth. And what about Israel’s own Dr. Michal Haran. They do it every day and have helped thousands if not millions. Why won’t anyone in the Israeli Government listen to us or to them? We the public are listening and are taking their words and advice to heart. We don’t hear you which is probably why over 50% of Israelis will not line up for the vaccines.

If any of you want to be elected into the next Knesset then it’s time you started listening to your elders. We are a voice to consider. But from where I sit it seems like those who are asking to lead us, are in fact taking us in the wrong direction, one I will not follow.

Anyone who wants to have an honest conversation with me is welcome to call.

Mrs. Rena Dvorkin Cohen

But I can bet that I won’t be hearing from anyone including those who are asking for my vote at the next election


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