On Saturday evening, the National Public Health Centre published on its website an excerpt of the plan showing how Hungarians are planned to be vaccinated. However, the full-length paper cannot be read anywhere just yet.

According to portfolio.hu, those will receive the vaccine who are Hungarian citizens above 18 and have a social security number. Furthermore, those who caught the virus in the last six months will not receive a vaccine, no matter whether they did or did not have symptoms. As a result, those who were infected in the first wave will be inoculated, while those who caught the virus during the second wave will not.

The institution wrote that they had to rank people in order of priority because

the vaccination process has two pillars: volunteering and risk factor.

Therefore, first, healthcare workers will receive the vaccine, irrespective of whether they have a certificate or not. That means all the doctors, assistants, healthcare professionals, medical students, nurses, and people working in the pharmacies. Besides, people working in the administration department of healthcare institutions or as janitors also fall into this category.

Coronavirus – Growing number of healthcare workers interested in vaccine Coronavirus in Hungary – A 27-year-old woman is the youngest victim Hungary to develop its own coronavirus vaccine

Second, workers in social care will receive the coronavirus vaccine. In their case, the process

will be organised in the social care institutions,

and they will not have to register on vakcinainfo.gov.hu.

Third, people above 60 who fall into any of the risk groups will come next. However, they have to register on the vakcinainfo.gov.hu website with their name, place of residence, age, social security number, phone number, and email address. However, their vaccination order

will not follow the order they registered in – only the risk group they belong to matters.

Fourth, law enforcement workers will come next who will not have to register. They will be followed by 18-59-year-olds who fall into any of the risk groups. They will have to register on vakcinainfo.gov.hu. Finally, those who work in the “critical infrastructure” will come after them, but no further details have been given in this case. They will be followed by all 18-59-year-olds.

Source: portfolio.hu


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